Blacktop Memories
Playlist for Saturday, January 25, 2014

Less Than Jake - “Jump”
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “The Janitor Revealed”
The Front Bottoms - “Maps”
Neutral Milk Hotel - “Ghost”
Saves The Day - “This is Not an Exit”
Brand New - “Its Good to Know that if I Ever Need Attention…”
Elvis Costello and the Roots - “Sugar Won’t Work”
Moonface - “Everyone is Noah; Everyone is the Ark”
Fortress Social Club - “Blueberry Pie”
The Builders and the Butchers - Black Dresses”
Oscar Isaac - “The Death of Queen Jane”
Circa Survive - “The Lottery”
Brandy - “Learn the Hard Way”
Thomas Wesley Stern - “Barns of Wood”
Matt Pryor - “As Perfect as We’ll Ever Be”
The Lonely Forest - “Left Hand Man”
Wild Child - “Coming Home”
The Decemberists - “January Hymn”
The Avett Brothers - “January Wedding”
mewithoutYou - “January 1979”
Pocket Vinyl - “Sick Sick Sick”
Underwater Country Club - “Skeptic Lens”
Something Corporate - “Ruthless”
Paper Kites - St. Clarity”
Wild Sweet Orange - “An Atlas to Follow”
Limbeck - “The Apartment Song” (Tom Petty cover)
Kevin Devine - “Walls” (Tom Petty cover)

- b.

The podcast for Saturday, June 22, 2013 is up on the site and on the dash!

Playlist for Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thanks to KIKI for listening in/on her break and texting. <3

Frightened Rabbit - “The Woodpile”
Frank Turner - “The Way I Tend to Be”
The National - “Sea of Love”
Tango in the Attic - “Pillowcase”
Limbeck - “In Ohio on Some Steps”
Kind of Like Spitting - “Passionate”
New Found Glory - “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down”
Saves The Day - “Rocks Tonic Juice Magic”
Dead Confederate - “Dead Poetry”
The Black Angels - “The Day”
Kevin Devine - “You’ll Only End Up Joining Them” (Live @ Maxwell’s 2006)
Pablo - “Focus”
Gracer - “Esperanza”
Colour Revolt - “Naked and Red”
Hot Rod Circuit - “Knees”
Dawes - “From the Right Angle”
Iron and Wine - “Low Light Buddy of Mine”
Billy Bragg - “No One Knows Anything Anymore”
The Builders and the Butchers - “When It Rains”
AA Bondy - “Black Rain, Black Rain”
Sunny Day Real Estate - “Rain Song”
The Old 97’s - “You Call It Rain”
Alkaline Trio - “I Wanna Be A Warhol”
The Replacements - “Radio Hook Word Hit”
Cold War Kids - “Miracle Mile”
People - “I Love You” (Zombies cover)
Delta Spirit - “She’s Not There” (Zombies cover)

- b.

Playlist for Saturday, June 1, 2013

Iron and Wine - “Caught in the Briars”
Old Man Markley - “Rehearsal”
Billy Bragg - “There Will Be a Reckoning”
Limbeck - “Skyway”
AA Bondy - “When The Devil’s Loose”
TLC - “Creep”
The Frames - “Fake”
The Gaslight Anthem - “Old White Lincoln”
The Flaming Lips - “Turning Violent”
Telekinisis - “Wires”
Frightened Rabbit - “Late March, Death March”
Saves The Day - “Blindfolded”
Saves The Day - “Jukebox Breakdown”
Saves The Day - “Sell My Old Clothes, I’m Off to Heaven”
Saves The Day - “What Went Wrong”
Saves The Day - “Kaleidoscope”
Dawes - “Someone Will”
Johnny Fritz - “Shut Up”
Tango in the Attic - “Easybones”
Brand New - “Bought a Bride”
The Decemberists - “The Bachelor and the Bride”
Old ’97s - “Borrowed Bride”
Dead Confederate - “In The Marrow”
Cold War Kids - “Fear and Trembling”
Alkaline Trio - “I, Pessimist”
John Nolan - “Waltz #2” (Elliott Smith cover)
Kevin Devine - “Whatever (Some Folk Song in C) (Elliott Smith cover)
Jimmy Eat World - “Not Half Right” (Heatmiser cover)

- b.


The most recent podcasts are up, including this past Saturday’s, here: !

The April 20th episode is also streaming on the dash here on Tumblr!

Playlist for Saturday, April 6, 2013

Alkaline Trio - “I Wanna Be a Warhol”
Swingin’ Utters - “Brains”
The Replacements - “Radio Hook Word Hit”
Incubus - “Blood On the Ground”
Finch - “Without You Here”
Pedro The Lion - “Start Without Me”
Northstar - “Giver Not a Taker”
Dead Confederate - “First Fires”
How Water Music - “It’s All Related”
Mudhoney - “Slipping Away”
Braid - “Many Enemies”
Jeremy Enigk - “April Storm”
The Promise Ring - “Wake Up April”
Manchester Orchestra - “April Fool”
Neutral Milk Hotel - “April 8th”
The Kingston Springs - “Weight of the World”
Django Django - “Default”
The Postal Service - “Nothing Better”
Matt Pond - “When The Moon Brings The Sliver”
Good Old War - “That’s Some Dream”
The Avett Brothers - “Live And Die”
Saves The Day - “Three Miles Down”
Brand New - “Play Crack The Sky”
Old Man Markley - “Blood On My Hands”
The Lonely Wild - “Come Back Down”
Brian Curry - “Winter”
Counting Crows - “Girl From North Country” (Bob Dylan cover)
The Format - “Simple Twist of Fate” (Bob Dylan cover)

- bex.

Playlist for Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Beard - “Given”
Pinback - “Drawstring”
Jump, Little Children - “Come Around”
Cuff The Duke - “Side By Side”
AA Bondy - “Rapture (Sweet Rapture)”
Augustana - “Sweet And Low” (acoustic)
Gomez - “Sweet Virgina”
Sara - “Almond Hours”
Land Observations - “Before The Kingsland Road”
Of Montreal - “Alter Eagle”
Further Seems Forever - “Rusted Machines”
Finch - “What It Is To Burn”
Bad Books - “Friendly Advice”
Frank Turner - “If I Ever Stray”
The Parson Red Heads - “Long Way Back”
The Novel Ideas - “The Blue Between Us”
Satellite - “Till I Return”
The Miracle Of ‘86 - “A Less Important Place”
Les Vinyl - “F For Effort”
Pablo - “I Get Around”
Jennifer O’Connor - “Exeter, Rhode Island”
Aeroplane, 1929 - “The Holy Ghost”
The Mountain Goats - “Until I Am Whole”
Birds Of Chicago - “Sugar Dumplin’”
Woodpecker! - “Every Boy In NY”
Kevin Devine - “Whatever (Some Folk Some In C)” (Elliott Smith cover)
John Nolan - “Waltz #2” (Elliott Smith cover)
Dead Confederate - “Roman Candle” (Elliott Smith cover)

- b.

Playlist for Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Mountain Goats - “Cry For Judas”
Social Studies - “Western Addiction”
Marcus Foster - “In This Town”
The Miracle of ‘86 - “Your Quicksilver Moment”
The Movielife - “Spanaway”
Brand New - “Luca”
Elliott Smith - “Sweet Adeline” (for Teddy)
The Parson Red Heads - “Burning Up The Sky”
Cuff The Duke - “Side By Side”
The Helio Sequence - “Downward Spiral”
New Found Glory - “Coming Home”
The Get Up Kids - “Close To Home”
Manchester Orchestra - “Now That You’re Home”
The New Frontiers - “This Is My Home”
Frank Turner - “To Take You Home”
Pinback - “Sherman”
Motion City Soundtrack - “Severance”
New Beard - “Spinning”
Miniature Tigers - “Cannibal Queen”
The Subways - “Rock And Roll Queen”
Wilco - “Casino Queen”
Bob Dylan - “Queen Jane Approximately”
Mogwai - “San Pedro”
Ra Ra Riot - “Beta Love”
The Growl - “Smoke It Down”
Saves The Day - “Across The Sea” (Weezer cover)
Further Seems Forever - “Say It Ain’t So” (Weezer cover)
Monkey Pirates - “Island In The Sun” (Weezer cover)

- b.

Playlist for Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thanks to SG GREY DAYS for playing some tunes and hanging out today! Check out their show Saturday (see details below)!

The Casket Lottery - “In The Branches”
New Beard - “Blood From A Stone”
Dirty Projectors - “About To Die”
SG Grey Days - “Marle”
Animal Collective - “Did You See The Words”
SG Grey Days - “Solar”
SG Gray Days - “Rock (Mega) Proto (Blues)”
Jason Collett - “King James Rag”
Cuff The Duke - “Live My Life”
The Front Bottoms - “Mountain” (for Max)
Bruce Springsteen - “Growin’ Up”
The Gaslight Anthem - “We Came To Dance”
Saves The Day - “Rocks Tonic Juice Magic”
Streetlight Manifesto - “We Are The Few”
Social Studies - “Western Addiction”
Pinback - “Sherman”
Guided By Voices - “The Corners Are Glowing”
SG Grey Days - “Time Egg”
The Format - “I’m Ready, I Am”
The Get Up Kids - “Red Letter Days”
Hot Rod Circuit - “Let’s Go Home”
Hot Water Music - “Freightliner”
The Novel Ideas - “The Blue Between Us”
Marcus Foster - “Worn Down By Time”
The Amazing - “Flashlight”
The Miracle Of 86 - “Letterhead”
David Bazan - “Don’t Change”
Jeremy Enigk - “Same Side Imaginary”

- Bex&Rich

Today’s Guest:
SG GREY DAYS Performing
Live at Sullivan Hall NYC
214 Sullivan Street Beteewn Bleecker and West 3rd Street

Playlist for Saturday, January 5, 2013


Bad Books - “It Never Stop” (for Laura!)
Woodpecker! - “Every Boy In NY”
Cuff The Duke - “Stay”
The Starting Line - “Hello Houston”
The Beatles - “Hello, Goodbye”
Bob Dylan - “If You See Her, Say Hello”
Thomas Wesley Stern - “Hello Hello”
New Beard - “My People Are Around”
Pinback - “Glide”
Social Studies - “Paint”
Good Old War - “Not Quite Happiness” (for Rich <3)
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business - “The Best Happiness Money Can Buy”
The Promise Ring - “Happiness Is All The Rage”
Elliott Smith - “Happiness”
Ben Kweller - “Fight”
Ben Howard - “Only Love”
The Amazing - “Assumptions”
AC Newman - “Wasted English”
Ultimate Fakebook - “Move On”
Heatmiser - “You Gotta Move”
Jay Clifford - “Yesterday’s Move”
Ian Ball - “Your Move”
The Mountain Goats - “White Cedar”
Artichoke - “It’s So Easy Bein’ Me”
Motion City Soundtrack - “Major Leagues”
Emery - “All I Want” (Toad The Wet Sprocket cover)
Punchline - “Round Here” (Counting Crows cover)
Slick Shoes - “Candy” (Mandy Moose cover)
New Found Glory - “My Heart Will Go On” (Celine Dion cover)

- b.