Blacktop Memories

Apr 19

Playlist for Saturday, April 19, 2014

Guided by Voices - “Planet Score”
Grizfolk - “Waiting for You”
Taking Back Sunday - “They Don’t Have Any Friends”
Chuck Ragan - “Non Typical”
Sleepercar - “Heavy Weights”
Placebo - “Without Your I’m Nothing”
Incubus - “Talk Shows on Mute”
Future Loves Past - “Cupid”
House of Thieves - “Black Madison” (
The Hold Steady - “Wait a While”
The Dandy Warhols - “Country Leaver” (live)
Brand New - “Mix Tape”
Saves the Day - “Kaleidoscope”
The Smiths - “There is a Light That Never Goes Out”
Manchester Orchestra - “The Mansion”
We Are Scientists - “What You Do Best”
Kaiser Chiefs - “The Factory Gates”
Bruce Springsteen - “I’m on Fire”
The Horrible Crowes - “What You Do Best”
The Menzingers - “Rented World”
North and West - “What’s Important”
Wye Oak - “Logic of Color”
Tycho - “Plains”
Kevin Devine - “The Longer that I’m Out Here”
Frightened Rabbit - “Fast Blood”
Oscar Issac - “Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song)”

- Bex&Rich.

Apr 05

Playlist for Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Hold Steady - “Wait a While”
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Planetary Motion”
Drowners - “Luv, Hold Me Down”
Daniel DeWitt - “All of Every Part”
Justin Timberlake, Carey Mulligan, and Stark Sands - “Five Hundred Miles” (traditional)
Maritime - “First Night on Earth”
North and West - “The Van”
Midlake - “It’s Going Down”
Thomas Wesley Stern - Your Front Door”
Brand New - “Secondary (For The Worse)” (demo)
Saves the Day - “Jodie”
The Front Bottoms - “Maps”
The Autumn Defense - “The Thing That I’ve Found”
Mainland - “Leave the Lights On”
The Noise FM - “Keep Me in the Dark”
I Am The Avalanche - “Two Runaways”
Hot Rod Circuit - “Riding a Low”
The Rural Alberta Advantage - “Muscle Relaxants”
Frightened Rabbit - “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”
Guided by Voices - “Save the Company”
Augustines - “Weary Eyes”
Natural Child - “Don’t the Time Pass Quickly”
Kevin Devine - “Come as You Are” (Nirvana cover)
Humble Pie and the Chips - “All Apologies” (Nirvana cover)
Mewithoutyou - “In Bloom” (Nirvana cover)

SEE YOU IN TWO WEEKS! But tune in from 2-6pm next week anyway for an extended Mike’s Mixed Mess!

- b.

Apr 01


Mar 31

Podomatic -

New podcast up! For the first time since October!

Check it out. It’s also just streaming on the Tumblr dash.

Mar 29

Playlist for Saturday, March 29, 2014

North and West - “Big World”
River City Extension - “Glastonbury” (live)
Bootstraps - “Forty Five”
Alkaline Trio - “San Francisco”
Jimmy Eat World - “If You Don’t, Don’t”
New Found Glory - “Boy Crazy”
Circa Survive - “Travel Hymn”
The Bouncing Souls - “I’m From There”
Gary Clark Jr. - “Blak abd Blu”
Augustines - “Cruel City”
Broken Bells - “Lazy Wonderland”
Brand New - “Moshi Moshi” (acoustic)
Admiral Fallow - “The Way You Were Raised”
The New Frontiers - “Man Down”
The Maravines - “Red Guitar”
Kevin Devine - “Afterparty”
Neil Young - “Old Man”
Chuck Ragan - “Something May Catch Fire”
Guided by Voices - “Writer’s Bloc (Pscyho All the Time)”
The Great Book of John - “Robin Hood”
The Damn Choir - “Creatures”
I Am The Avalanche - “Is This Really Happening?”
Good Charlotte - “Waldof Worldwide”

- Bex&Rich.

Mar 22

Playlist for Saturday, March 22, 2014

Guided by Voices - “Vote for Me, Dummy”
The Great Book of John - “Wise Blood”
Drowners - “Pure Pleasure”
The Miarcle of ‘86 - “Southern State”
Jim Ward - “Mystery Talks”
The Menzingers - “On the Impossible Past”
AFI - “The Missing Frame”
The Bouncing Souls - “Kids and Heroes”
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “The Janitor Revealed”
The Damn Choir - “Radiator”
The Belle Brigade - “Be Like Him”
Daniel DeWitt - “Can’t Sit Still”
Three Blind Wolves - “Echo on the Night Train”
Lord Huron - “Lonesome Dream”
Noah and the Whale - “2 Atoms in a Molecules”
The Autumn Defense - “I Can See Your Face”
Thomas Wesley Stern - “Violet”
Mainland - “Leave The Lights On”
Albert King - “Born Under a Bad Sign”
Bruce Springsteen - “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”
Chuck Ragan - “Do You Pray”
The Gaslight Anthem - “Here Comes My Man”
Good Old War - Just Another Day”
North and West - “When All of Us Were Fine”
Band of Horses - “Wicked Gil” (live)
Underwater Country Club - “Skeptic Lens”
Mansions - “City Don’t Care”
Admiral Fallow - “Old Fools”
Counting Crows - “Walkaways”

- Bex&Rich.

Mar 15

Playlist for Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Planetary Motion”
Elvis Costello and the Roots - “(She Might be a) Grenade”
The Great Book of John - “10,000 Miles”
Heatmiser - “Blue Highway”
Jump, Little Children - “Hold You Down”
Winston Audio - “Action Reaction”
Frightened Rabbit - “Backyard Skulls”
Augustines - “Don’t Look Back”
Guided by Voices - “I Am Columbus”
Saves the Day - “All-Star Me”
Mainland - “Savant”
The Dandy Warhols - “We Use to be Friends”
Pavement - “All My Friends”
Lagwagon - “Making Friends”
North and West - “Behind the Wave”
Bandito Folk - “Into the Fire”
Underwater Country Club - “The Money Song”
Straylight Run (featuring Jeff DeRosa) - “Dignity and Money” (live)
City and Colour - “Commentators”
Admiral Fallow - “Isn’t This World Enough?”
The Decemberists - “Here I Dreamt I was an Architect”
Band of Horses - “Neighbor” (live)
The Autumn Defense - “The Light in Your Eyes”
River City Extension - “Our New Intelligence”
Gin Blossoms - Back of a Car” (Big Star cover)
Elliott Smith - “Thirteen” (Big Star cover)

- b.

Mar 08

Playlist for Saturday, March 8, 2014

Less Than Jake - “Bless The Cracks”
Guided by Voices - Jupiter Spin”
Against Me! - “Two Coffins”
Right Away, Great Captain - “Right Ahead, Young Sailor”
Kevin Devine - “All of Everything, Erased”
Colour and City - “The Lonely Life”
The Rural Alberta Advantage - “Under the Knife”
Band of Horses - “No One’s Gonna Love You” (live)
Gary Clark, Jr. - “Blak and Blu”
North and West - “Big World”
Frightened Rabbit - “Holy”
Admiral Fallow - “The Paper Trench”
Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves - “No Exceptions”
Daniel DeWitt - “Looking Patient”
Pedro the Lion - “Promise”
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “Chartjunk”
The Great Book of John - “Brown Frown”
Frank Turner - “Losing Days”
Augustines - “Cruel Hands”
Augustana - “Stars and Boulevards”
I’m Not a Pilot - “One Billion Stars”
Green to Think - “We Are Stars”
Elvis Costello and the Roots - “Tripwire”
Pocket Vinyl - “Sick, Sick, Sick”
Thomas Wesley Stern - “Rounders”
Delta Spirit - “She’s Not There” (Zombies cover)
Pablo - “This Will Be Our Year” (Zombies cover)
People - “I Love You” (Zombies cover)
Carl Sagan feat. Stephen Hawking - “A Glorious Dawn”

- b.

Mar 01

Playlist for Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Great Book of John - “Cover My Eyes”
The Autumn Defense - “The Things That I Found”
Pocket Vinyl - “Death Anxiety”
AFI - “Morningstar”
The Bouncing Souls - “Broken Record”
Jim Ward - “Broken Songs”
The Draft - “All We Can Count On”
Lagwagon - “May 16”
Less Than Jake - “Sunstroke”
Mogwai - “Hexon Bogon”
Elbow - “New York Morning”
The Movielife - “Spanaway”
Manchester Orchestra - “I Can Feel a Hot One”
Sunny Day Real Estate - “In Circles”
The Rubens - “Don’t Ever Want to be Found”
Spoon - “I Turn My Camera On”
North and West - “When All of Us Were Fine”
Mainland - “Shiner”
The Canon Logic - “Runaway”
Bruce Springsteen - “Seaside Bar Song”
The Horrible Crowes - “Mary Ann”
Gary Clark Jr. - “Travis County”
Tom Waits - “Way Down in the Hole”
Band of Horses - “Everything’s Gonna be Undone” (live)
Old Crow Medicine Show - Caroline”
Underwater Country Club - “Calling Back for You”
Frightened Rabbit - “Snake”
Bob Dylan - “If You See Her, Say Hello”

- Bex&Rich.

Feb 23

Playlist for Saturday, February 22, 2014

North and West - “What’s Important”
The Haden Triplets - “Slowly”
River City Extension - “Glastonbury” (live)
Jeremy Enigk - “World Waits”
Iron and Wine - “Heaven Hangs like Heaven”
Death Cab for Cutie - “Company Calls Epilogue (Alternate)”
Elliott Smith - “Clementine”
Kevin Devine - “Probably” (OG version)
Pocket Vinyl - “Death Anxiety”
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - “The Janitor Revealed”
Less Than Jake - “Weekends All Year”
Bob Dylan - “Rainy Day Women, #12 and #35”
Person L - “Born in the Rainy Days of May”
Bright Eyes - “Spent on Rainy Days”
Band of Horses - “Slow Cruel Hands of Time” (live)
Mainland - “Shiner”
Thomas Wesley Stern - “Gabriella”
Manchester Orchestra - “April Fool”
The Rubens - “Paddy”
Jimmy Eat World - “Over”
Frightened Rabbit - “Fast Blood” (live)
The Grenadines - “Shake”
Yellow Ostrich - “In the Dark”
The Great Book of John - “Robin Hood”
Delta Spirit - “Tomorrow Goes Away”
The Starting Line - “Big Time Sensuality” (Bjork cover)
New Found Glory - “Stay” (Lisa Loeb cover)

- b.